Universal Handling Equipment began operations in the early 1960's as a wholly owned subsidiary of a scrap metal company that made lugger containers for its parent company. It operated that way until 1978 when it was sold to the Gerrard family who recognized the company's untapped potential. The organization's focus was expanded and a more complete line of waste and disposal equipment was introduced to accommodate the growing demands of an expanding industry.

By 1981 Universal Handling Equipment had established a reputation in the industry for developing innovative products, and delivering quality service - values that the organization still focuses on today. High levels of demand lead to the opening of an operation in Red Deer, Alberta. This decision now made Universal a national supplier and showed its commitment to the waste industry.

Today, the Universal Handling Equipment group of companies consists of Universal Handling Equipment Company (Red Deer) Limited (Alberta Operations), Universal Parts Plus (Ontario Operations), and Universal Handling Equipment Company (Owosso) LLC (Michigan Operations). Also, part of the larger group of companies are Weld-O-Matic Machines Company Limited (hydraulic cylinder and spot welder manufacturer) and Goldec-Hamms Manufacturing Ltd (an Alberta tank manufacturer).
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