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Universal Handling Equipment Roll-Off Hoists provide the perfect combination of strength and durability in the marketplace today. The Series 4000 Hoist is a twin reeving cylinder hoist with two capacity choices. Its product features include:
  • Dual rod cylinder reeving hoist
  • Pneumatic in-cab controls and outside manual controls
  • Mid-body turn signals for greater safety
  • All single stage cylinders manufacturered in house
  • Three lifting capacities (50,000, or 60,000 lbs)
  • Bed-mounted retractable rear under-ride ICC bumper
  • 2,000 PSI operating pressure
  • Premium coded wiring with junction boxes eliminated
  • Container Locks - Rear Flip Up
  • Fenders - Double Curved or Curved Ends
  • Fenders - Plastic, Aluminum or Steel
  • Fender over Lift Axle
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Pintle Hook
  • Rails Inside/Outside
  • Rollers - Inside and/or Outside
  • Tool/Tarp Boxes - Plastic or Aluminum
  • Stops - Mechanical Flip Up, Drop In and Dino
  • Tail Roller
General Specifications
  23.5 Foot Bed26.0 Foot Bed
Capacity 50,000 , 60,000 lbs50,000 , 60,000 lbs
Weight 8,400 lbs10,400 lbs
Container length Up to 22 ft skidUp to 24 ft skid
Max. dumping angle 45 degrees45 degrees
Bed up props, and bed up indicator