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Universal Parts Plus
upp logo Universal Parts Plus ’ mission is to manufacture functional, environmentally responsible, quality products and parts for the waste and recycling industries incorporating the beneficial ideas for product improvement generated through cooperative partnering with our customers, employees and suppliers.
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weld-o-matic logo Weld-O-Matic has provided the finest quality machines, parts and services to the resistance welding industry for over 70 years. From the beginning, Weld-O-Matic has been committed to manufacturing all of the components in its resistance welders using the latest technology computer aided design (CAD) tools. Their experience in the welding industry allows them to consistently manufacture high quality, cost effective products for any customer need.
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Goldec Hamms
weld-o-matic logo Goldec Hamms Manufacturing Ltd is a tank manufacturer in Red Deer, Alberta that maintains a focus on providing product excellence along with the best customer support. The Hamm's name on a tank represents high standards of craftsmanship, durability and functionality as well as innovative new product lines and distribution methods.
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